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Puerto Del Mar Beach Resort

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Patrick C.
09174093230 (Globe)
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Manny E.
09195016395 (Smart)

Ronald P.

09183170478 (Smart)

09328598909 (Sun)



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Deposit to any (BPI) Bank Of Philippine Island Branch

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Leanne Collantes

BPI Account # 9579044109

2015 February - June 30 
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SERIOUS INQUIRIES Please CALL Patrick, Ronald, Manny

Welcome to Puerto Del Mar Beach Resort of Philippines, Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales! We are located at the coastal tip of Uacon River, entrance to China Sea, within oasis of coconut trees, pine trees, and mango trees. It's a natural sea and landscape setting where travelers and guest can slow down, recharge the body, soul, and mind. A perfect tropical setting that inspires relaxation. It is getaway for peaceful nature lovers, honeymooners, snorkelers, sunset and mountain sunrise past timers. We offer a private and tranquil unexplored place that is 500 meters away from the National Highway. You can stroll along a 2 kilometer coastal beach front with a great view of Potipot Island.